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Clarion Project

The Clarion Project (formerly Clarion Fund), the producer of Iranium, educates people about the inherent dangers of Islamic extremism while providing a platform for moderate Muslim voices.

Watch Clarion Project’s critically-acclaimed film Iranium.

Founded in 2006, the Clarion Project produces and distributes documentary films and operates a news site dedicated to delivering news updates and analysis on this crucial issue.

The Clarion Project is expanding its scope, launching new educational campaigns, and intensifying production work on two upcoming documentary films: one addressing women’s rights, the other about the persecution of minorities in Muslim-majority societies.

Our internationally-recognized senior staff is comprised of Middle East specialists, researchers, writers, film producers, and top media professionals. We also partner with some of the Muslim world’s leading experts and activists fighting for reform and moderation.

The Clarion Project website ( is the premiere news analysis site focusing on the threats of Islamic extremism. It features analysis, alternative Muslim voices, blogs and videos, and promotes progressive Muslim organizations. Additionally, the site streams content, hosts webinars and acts as a social networking hub to bring people together around this critical issue.

Through all of these efforts the Clarion Project is reaching tens of millions of people across the globe, raising awareness, shifting the national dialogue, and demonstrating that there is another way for people to coexist–free from persecution and fear.

Impact Of Clarion’s Activities

  • 50,000,000+ viewers of the Clarion Project films
  • 500,000+ unique visitors to the website in 2012
  • 120,000+ subscribers to newsletter
  • 1,000+ public film screenings
  • Clarion Project’s films have been highlighted on CNN, BBC and Fox News


Honor Diaries: Culture is No Excuse for Abuse

Inside the War on Women: The Clarion Project’s latest film, Honor Diaries, features nine leading women’s rights advocates from Muslim-majority societies and their efforts to effect change, both within and beyond their communities. The film gives a platform to exclusively female voices and seeks to expose the paralyzing political correctness that prevents so many others from identifying, understanding and addressing this international human rights disaster.  Restrictions on freedom of movement and the right to education, forced marriage and female genital mutilation are some of the systemic abuses explored in depth.

Spurred by the Arab Spring, women who were once silent are starting to speak out about gender inequality, exposing a long history of oppression. More than a movie, the Clarion Project intends for Honor Diaries to be a movement meant to inspire and motivate viewers to learn more about issues facing women in Muslim-majority societies — and to act for change.

Honor Diaries has been accepted to both the Chicago International Film Festival and the St. Louis International Film Festival.


Iranium is right to say that Iran armed with nuclear weapons would be a disaster… By all means go to see the film…”
– John Mundy, former Canadian Ambassador to Iran

Iranium, narrated by Academy Award-nominated and Emmy Award winning Iranian actress Shohreh Aghdashloo, presents the dangerous scenarios posed to the world by a nuclear Iran. Since the inception of the Islamic Revolution, Iran has displayed a dangerous religious ideology and an absolute hatred for the West. The Clarion Project released Iranium in 2011 to explore the principles of the revolution and how the development of a nuclear program has only added to the already immense threat posed by this regime.

The Third Jihad: Radical Islam’s Vision for America

Narrated by devout Muslim-American Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, the film opens with the following statement: “This is not a film about Islam.  It is about the threat of radical Islam.  Only a small percentage of the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims are radical.  This film is about them.”

Over the last few decades, particularly post 9/11, the United States internal security forces have been grappling with the growing issue of homegrown terrorism. In large part, the threat stems from the growing Islamist ideology which rejects the notions of tolerance and inclusion and in its stead promotes jihad (the religious duty of Muslims to engage in a Holy War against infidels).

Released by the Clarion Project in 2009, The Third Jihad explores the issue of both violent and cultural Jihad in the United States, today.

Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West

“ . . . an incredible education by watching this film…”
– Kyra Phillips: Anchor, CNN Newsroom

The media has become the most effective instrument for educating and influencing public opinion. That being the case, to understand the psyche of a nation, one must look first at how the media is being used. In the case of many Muslim societies, the picture is bleak for those who wish to promote human rights, personal freedom and opportunities for women.

Using images rarely seen in the West from Arabic and Farsi-language TV, the Clarion Project film Obsession (released in 2006) reveals an insider’s view of the culture behind jihad, media-inspired incitement and indoctrination. As Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari, former Dean of Islamic Law at Qatar University, explained in an interview on Bahrain TV, “Our satellite channels deserve the name, ‘Media of Terrorism.’ They spread among the youth ideas that might not be considered outright terrorism but spread extremism. Such extremism is the beginning of violence and fanaticism, and violence leads to terrorism. Fanaticism – extremism – violence – terrorism.”

The film features experts Sir Martin Gilbert, Khaled abu Toameh, Nonie Darwish, and Professor Salim Mansur and others.

Clarion Project’s News Website

The purpose of Clarion Project’s website,, is to educate the public about the growing threat of Islamic extremism and its inherent human rights abuses. The site also provides a platform to launch grass-roots campaigns against these abuses. In addition, the site provides solid resources for researchers on the subject. publishes news, news analysis, videos and blogs on Islamic extremism and counterterrorism and is updated daily. In addition, the site provides facts sheets, recommended books, academic/research papers, global and national exposes and links to other news stories on the subject.

Clarion Project’s writers hold to the highest journalistic standards of accuracy, fairness and objectivity. Sources are checked and re-checked to maintain this commitment to truth.

Writers for include a nationally recognized security analyst, a 20-year CIA veteran in the field of operations and an expert in Islamic texts and history.’s writers are on the forefront of breaking news, from Benghazi (“Arms Flow to Syria May Be Behind Benghazi Cover-Up”) to Kenya (“Attack on Nairobi Mall Shows Al-Shabaab’s Ominous Reach,”) to the United States (“Islamists Launch New Offensive Against NYPD”).


The Clarion Project is a U.S.-based non-profit organization 501(c)3 funded by private individuals worldwide who support Clarion’s mission. Donations are given by newsletter subscribers, concerned citizens and philanthropists. Funds are used to support Clarion’s multi-faceted work from film production and distribution to website production and programming

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