Screen the Film
Organize screenings of Iranium in your area to educate others on the threats posed by a nuclear Iran to the world.

Sell DVDs
Sell Iranium DVDs on your website, blog, or Facebook page. The more DVDs you sell, the more money you make.

Spread the Message
Help spread Iranium’s important message. Educate others about the threats of a nuclear Iran, and encourage them to get involved.

Send a Letter
We already prepared your letter! It will only take a moment to email your elected officials. Make your voice count towards preventing the advancement of Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

Sign the petition
This joint petition is brought to you by No Nukes for Iran and Iranium, and will be presented to Congress on our behalf.

Stop funding the nuclear program
Use the Iranian Business Registry to direct your purchase decisions and to contact and boycott companies with business ties to Iran.

Support the Iranian people
Support the Iranian people in their struggle to regain control of their country from the brutal and oppressive regime. Share their story, and encourage them in their fight to bring freedom and democracy to Iran.

Sign up to learn more and get involved
Sign up on to get a bi-weekly newsletter, received by over 35,000 people, about the latest happenings on the issue of radical Islam. The newsletter provides video clips, articles by leading scholars in the field, and take-action campaigns.

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